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FIFA18 three sets of millions of lineup to share the lineup ion requirements introduction

Introduction This article brings FIFA18 three millionaire lineup for everyone, the lineup selection requirements and the ability of each lineup introduced to you, I hope everyone will be helpful. Summary of several sets of highly practical 1 million squad, mainly mix and match-based, not for the lineup ...
This article brings FIFA18 three millionaire lineup for everyone, the lineup selection requirements and the ability of each lineup expertise introduced to you, I hope everyone will be helpful.
Summary of several highly practical 1 million squad, mainly to mix and match-based, not too short for the battle lineup, while both offensive options. I chose the main formation of the 4321-based, after all, mix and match God array other formations can be adjusted after the game, the same does not affect the chemistry.
A few principles are
1. Try to give priority to the striker. Because 18 if there is a good use of the forward that is simply a game changer, close to the level of two people play the game depends largely on the ability of the striker.
2. Midfielder prefer more versatile B2B. Physical strength must be good. Participation must be one of MM MH HM HH. ML direct pass.
3. Guard can choose the mainstream, the speed can not be too slow, height is not too short. More than 183 best.
4. goalkeeper can be less than 2000, try to choose arms length. The previous generation of butland, begovic are quite OP goalkeeper.
PS: The host of about 1000000 equivalent to PC140 million it.

The first set is my current favorite set, because the front three, especially in the 1 million line-up can take into the 500,000 Su is already quite hard.
Before and after a look
Whether the front three 433 Road formation or 41212 midfield formation, can be used. Needless to say that the first teeth Pujin ST ST, ST Prynne location second only to strong chemical C Luo. Shooting almost finished about one million icon. De Bebel second only to Lionel Messis second RW, double 5 these are not much to say. Deng Beilei how good this year, take people, this year a lot of professional players to play him the main force or substitute. Gorilla 20 million lineup, the bench put 91 Ronaldinho and 83 de Bebel. This years PS4 Timox Timox played Denver main force hit the front midfielder with 94 Dallas and C Lo. Mashal weakened a little compared to 17 this year, but is still a very good card, after all, there is still speed, plus a bunch of features. These three with the frontcourt, 41212, then Denver front waist, Marchal and the Soviet striker, 433 4321 words is the Mardar de Belem sidewalk, the Soviet striker. There are speed shots have fancy anti-foot two 4 a 5, very strong.

Midfielder, compared to the previous field less, after all, the budget is limited. Both Mathuud and Bakayoko are currently using a large and costly midfielder. Perhaps the most controversial is Paulini, who picked him even bigger for matching Dembele and the right back. If the budget to 1.1 million, then you can use the French midfielder. I will speak later In short, midfielder defensive strength can be slightly worse offensive capability. A compromise was also made for the budget. This is no way.
Backcourt, left-back Sandro Pujjimoto first LB, defender is the most clever use of a lot of money and Bonucci perfect green line, making Bonucci a green one can also full of chemistry. Manolas has always been a very cost-effective defender, and 80 is rare in Puginli. Right-back words chose Symedado mainly taking into account the green lines of Polygno and Dembele. But from the defensive point of view, for example, the other three Serie A guards, but fortunately, the speed to force.
Overall, you can give 9 7 8 points before and after.
A word summary, Su greatly improved the frontcourt, fly in the ointment midfield offensive ability is relatively poor. The entire lineup is not particularly obvious short board.
The second sockets the first one, the budget slightly increased to 1.06 million, you can use the Cantor replaced Paulinho, Fiorentina replaced Symedado. Convert Curi-Boni to Bonucci.
Midfielder France three black and hard, defense did not have to say that the attack is still slightly worse. Guard words, Curitiba + Manas las Serie A cost-effective Zhongwei. Florentine words, Putins words quite satisfactory, personally feel better than the Premiership Ollie.

The third set I replaced the Soviet Union for Mbabe, while using the money saved continue to enhance the midfield, joined the Pugba, Bailey and Ollie this three Premier League very popular midfield. In the foreground of 6 French sets. With a budget of 1.02 million, it can be said that the three lines are nearly perfect lineup. Is also the most black and hard set, at least seven or eight black face looked away.
FIFA18 three sets of millions of lineup to share the lineup selection requirements introduction

Pre-Su replaced Mbabe, Mbabe relative to Su teeth, the shot on the gap is still great. However, Mbabe is absolutely at the level of Pioneer first-class striker. 90s two-speed, double four-star, 87 end. With the compatriots on both sides, the three are definitely the standard speed dog, and even Mbabe is the slowest one. . .
Pokoba midfielder to join compared to the two sets before the great improvement, if you play 41212, Bakiyoucao midfielder, Poggenpohl midfielder, offense and defense are not empty. Defenders also have greater ascension, the left is still Sandro + Bonucci, the right is the compatriot of the Premiership Côte dIvoire Bailey + Olye, Bailey Premier League first defender, Oliver should be second only to Walker And RB RB Valencia, I think the defense and the body are not very good. Goalkeeper, then a lot of money 196 height, enough to use.
Front can give 8.5 points, 9 midfield, 8.5 after the field.
A word evaluation, the audience almost no short board, three lines are very balanced. Suarez may be considered Mba Babe if more budget is available.

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