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How To Get FIFA Coins?

You will receive your FIFA Ultimate Team Coins via the Transfer Market of the game. For this purpose, you make one of the players in your FIFA Ultimate Team Club available for sale (direct purchase) and fill in the according informations during placing your order: FUT Team Name, Player Name, Player Position, Player Nation, Player Quality, Player Rating Etc.

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Before Things Happen, There Are Five Things That Make EA Despair

We have selected the most important things you want to fix in the next FIFA 18 through fan forums and discussions.

Long shot - 45 yards

These found the network behind too much. This is mainly because the goalkeeper AI can not scratch, which means that they often try to dive before the foothold. The lens itself is too accurate - so adding more human error will make things more realistic.

Goalkeeper strength and target line technology

In terms of punishment, the goalkeeper sometimes does not save the ball, even though they sneak into the right direction. In the open game process, they will also be confused when they play or grab the ball - the former often opponents landing. The target line technology system is also very unstable.

Defense AI

CPU AI in the defense of the great, so the controller down to let it work more effective. This needs to be lowered, so do not think you want to beat the computer as well as the human opponent. Automatic blocking and automatic unlocking are also fans to remove.

Angle, head and chest

Some fans report that corner kicks let you be too exposed on the counter because the players can not get back fast enough time. With regard to the title, it seems that the attacker always has the ability to stand in front of the defender, making them easier to score, regardless of the statistics. Increasing control over air strikes will improve things that are not over. Chasing the ball is not consistent, the urgent need for more control of the players.


These are minor during the life of the entire FIFA 17, so more optimizations are especially popular at peak times. Luckily, EA revealed that they had a dedicated team responsible for ensuring that the server was greatly improved, FIFA 18. If the player put down the controller for a long time, the player should not move.

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